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Inspired by the Up Helly Aa festival that takes place throughout Shetland at the beginning of each year and the flames that are paraded through the streets; the red, orange and yellow fair isle motif reflects the flames against the night sky. The perfect glow of fire.


This was one of my first designs and it really helped me get into the swing of using two colours in a row and knitting fair isle patterns. inspired by the colours of the Shetland sea on a rough and windy day. A simple yet effective fair isle design that is the perfect pattern for beginners. Find the free pattern here.


This bright and bold design was made to stand out and have an impact. A pattern that is easy to knit and pulls back the basic fair isle designs we all know and love. Each of the colourways in this design were inspired by the Shetland landscape. One of the sea on a clear, calm day and the other of the sunsets we are lucky enough to witness. 


When my great granny was younger she would knit fair isle jumpers for her children. Her old design books were then handed down to me and all these ideas began to whirl around in my head. The 'Starn' (Shetland word for 'star') pattern is the first of many that will be inspired by her designs.

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