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About Me

I'm Nicole and I'm a knitter based in Shetland.

Hi, thanks for dropping by...

If this is your first time on my site then welcome; my name's Nicole and I'm a knitwear designer based in the Shetland Islands with a love for hand knitting! Here's a quick few things to get to know me: I organise my entire life into lists, I love a good old cuppa tea, and there's nothing I love more that putting colours together.
✨Thank you so much to everyone who came

My Knitting Journey

​I learned to knit when I was only seven years old and I haven't been able to put my needles down since! Living in Shetland, I grew up surrounded by Fair Isle and lace knitting, and have been lucky enough to work alongside traditional and modern textile designers; each inspiring me in different ways. After designing a hat to enter into a local county show in 2017, I fell in love with design! I began designing Fair Isle hats, and then I started to look into lace scarves and one thing led to another.

Today I design traditional knitwear with a modern twist...


Studio Space

I am currently running Nicole Estelle Designs from a little self-made studio space in my house where all of my ideas come to life. It's in this studio that I discover new patterns, experiment with different colour combinations and knit up all my orders and products. Everything I make is hand knitted with love and care and designed to put a smile on your face.


Growing up in Shetland

I have been lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the rich Shetland knitting heritage. Everywhere you go throughout the island there is a piece of history that links into how knitting has developed over the years and how it has served its purpose on the way we have lived our lives. As well as the history, the scenery is unlike any other. Nearly everywhere you go in Shetland you can see the sea, a luxury many of us take for granted. The colours that I am surrounded by is where I find most of my colour inspiration. 

This website has my online shop and my blog page where I will keep you updated on new designs I come up with and my life living in Shetland. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Enjoy browsing!

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