The Estelle Collection

My newest collection is inspired by my wonderful Granny. She was one of the reasons I began knitting in the first place and is one of my biggest influences. She asked me to knit a blue fair isle hat for her to wear, and as usual I decided to go one step further and design her her very own fair isle collection.

When growing up, every Saturday, all the grandkids would head to Granny and Granda's house for a day of capering; whether that be playing in the siggies, having pretend weddings or blindfolding granny and playing a good old fashioned game of blind man's bluff. But around all of the games and getting up to absolutely no good, Granny would at some point whip out her knitting needles and continue working on one of her beautiful projects (and there always seemed to be a new project on the needles each week).

With out even knowing it, this was having a massive impact on me. I do believe my love of knitting began with watching granny every weekend, and seeing the enjoyment it brought her. From the moment I picked up a pair of needles the repetitive motion was infectious and incredibly satisfying as you saw this material forming before your eyes. Knitting become my forever hobby and that is thanks to Granny.

When she asked me to knit her a hat, I just knew she needed something a little bit more special and so I designed her a pattern of her own. This fair isle motif is knitted using soft blue tones with a hint of pink and purple coming through in some of the smaller motifs. This design is currently available as a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves.

This collection is for you Granny.

These patterns can both be purchased at the links below:

Modelled by my beautiful Granny ❤️