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I absolutely LOVE when I am approached and get asked to create a specific colour way for someone. There is something so satisfying about getting to play with different colour combos and finding the right blend, not just to suit my tastes but to suit my customers as well - I do love a challenge!

I was recently asked to knit up my Starn Hat using a blue colour scheme, and not only that, they also wanted fingerless gloves to match. This meant designing a new pattern - the 'Starn' gloves.



First thing I did was swatches. I began to play around with the different colour ways I could create using a blue combo. This is always an exciting stage in the process. Once I had created a few different swatches I conferred with the client, allowing them to visualise what the colours would look like together and what they wanted the final product to look like.

When the colours were chosen the production began.



One of my favourite things to knit is a fair isle hat, so this was an absolutely delight to sit and make.

I am always so fascinated by how a colourway is going to change how the pattern looks. Colour is everything. Two people could follow the same pattern using a different set of colours and it can make it look like two completely different patterns all together!

Once I had knitted the body of the hat, I had a rough idea as to how I wanted the gloves to look and how I was going to make the colours stand out on the gloves as much as they did on the hat.

The crown of the hat always shows how well the colours blend together. A gentle fade up to the top and then as you reach the peak of the crown then I use a the contrasting colour to draw your attention.

Once the hat was complete I began to design and knit the fingerless gloves.



While starting to design this pair of gloves I knew that I wanted the pattern to be the centre of attention, so I opted for a plain rib as the cuff. However I realised that I needed the fair isle pattern to bounce off of something to pull your eyes to it, to do this I cast on using the main tone of the fair isle.

The palm motif was the section that took the most planning as I wanted it to relate to the Starn design. I played around with a few different ideas until I found the one that I was happy with.

I love getting to create new products and experiment with different designs, it's so exciting to see how they all turn out. If you ask me, this is one of the best bits of being a knitwear designer.

Thanks for reading! x

If you would like my Starn Hat or my Starn Gloves knitted up in your own unique colourway then please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Starn Gloves pattern will be available soon!