My Top 10 Knitting Essentials

Every knitter has tools that they use when making their projects, however each tool set is different! Each knitter has little quirks that makes their tools unique. Here is my top 10 knitting essentials I use when I work on my projects.

Everywhere I go I carry around this little case full of all the thing I need for working on a project. I use a simple jute pencil case that I bought at Hobbycraft, with a pin to jazz it up a bit that I bought at the Shetland Arts and Crafts Craft Fair.

These are my essential items:

1. Scissors

I always carry with me a small pair of scissors - these are my favourite! I got them as a gift for my birthday. Love the design on them, they are so gorgeous. They are a must have when working on a project, I cant tell you how many times that I use them - especially when working on fair isle because you are constantly changing the colours and having the cut the yarn.

2. Needle Gauge

I am constantly losing needle and having to use another and this comes in handy to have at hand. I keep all of my needles together (totally unorganised!) so having this helps me find the perfect needle to use. I like to shop local, this needle gauge was bought at Jamieson & Smith, a local yarn shop.

3. Knitting Needles

I have a large case packed with needles however it is a total pain to carry around all the time; so I keep 3 short 3.5mm needles in my knitting essentials case. They come in handy if I am finishing the crown of a hat or knitting a pair of gloves. Plus carrying 3 needles is much easier than 30!

4. Sewing Needles

This is probably stating the obvious but... sewing needles! I cannot emphasise enough how important these are, an ABSOLUTE MUST for your knitting essentials. I had so many needles I decided to buy a nice holder for them. I got this case from Beyond Measure made from a walnut wood.

5. Circular Knitting Needle

I love working on a circular needle, I prefer it to working on long wires! I could never get used to working on wires for some reason. I like to have a circular needle in my essentials case - - this is mainly because I have a habit of starting new projects when I am on the go.

6. Mini Scissors

I got these little scissors as a gift from Chihiro Sato, a wonderful Japanese knitwear designer. They are so handy! I use them mainly when grafting the ends of my knitting. Instead of having to keep picking my scissors up and putting them down again, I use these and hang them from my finger using the chain; they are right there when I need them.

7. Crochet Hook

It doesn't happen all the time, but when you do drop a stitch its a total pain! Its always a good idea to have a crochet hook at hand to pick up your stitch and knit it back up without having to rip back your knitting. Ripping back knitting brings me to tears - not even kidding!

8. Stitch Holder

A stitch holder is a useful thing to have in your knitting essentials. I use this when coming back and forth between swatches so I can expand and elaborate on a design.

9. Tape Measure

When creating a knitting gauge and size guide you need to have a tape measure. I use this when knitting all the time, you need to be sure what you are making is going to be the right or what is the point? Definitely a must have!

10. Pencil

Last but not least a pencil - it doesn't get more essential than a pencil! I always always always have a pencil. Whether I am making a quick note or adapting a pattern, I always have it at hand!

I hope this was helpful for anyone who is trying to choose what tools they are going to need for their next project. Thanks for reading!